Crocus Energy Announces Inaugural Advisory Board

San Jose, CA – October 26, 2018 – Crocus Energy, Inc., an innovative energy AI and IoT software company, has announced the appointment of four members to its inaugural Advisory Board.   The advisors, located in the United States and South Korea, will provide guidance on strategy, technology development, recruiting, and financial matters.

The Advisory Board members include:

Jin-Og Joo – A 40-year veteran of industrial electric power distribution, Master Joo was the head of the Electrical Reliability Office at SK Innovation (Energy), the 3rd largest petroleum refinery in the world.

Kevin Thompson – Currently the VP of Marketplace Engineering at Uber, Kevin leads the development of one of the world’s largest technology platforms. Additionally, as a former VP of Engineering at Google, he led and scaled the strategic YouTube Ads engineering team.

Stan Meiburg, Ph.D. – The Director of graduate studies in sustainability at Wake Forest University, Stan is also the former acting Deputy Administrator at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  In 2012, he was recognized by President Barack Obama as a Distinguished Federal Executive, the highest civilian award for a Federal senior executive.

David Yeh – Serving as senior advisor at Crocus Energy for the last year, David’s career spans Wall Street, global venture capital, and the White House where served as a Senior Energy Advisor under a Presidential appointment.

“We are delighted to be able to engage with these world-class talents who are excited about the Crocus Energy vision, who understand the critical role energy plays in all our futures, and who are invested in our success,” said David Kim, CEO of Crocus Energy.  “We will look to our Advisory Board to provide valuable insight and to act as a voice for our customers as we develop our products and grow our company.”

About Crocus Energy, Inc.

Crocus Energy is developing the next generation of AI and IoT industrial software solutions – using energy data to optimize and transform industrial operations. Our Power Saver™ software is the first step in our vision to build a digital twin of the electric distribution system – providing information about potential system failures, optimizing operations and reducing maintenance costs at large industrial sites and campuses.  Our customers are already saving millions of dollars on their electricity bills.  To learn more, please visit or follow @CrocusEnergy on Twitter.


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