An Easy Approach to Energy Efficiency

Reduce your electricity use by up to 4%. We use your data to automatically optimize your facility’s electric distribution system and reduce your energy consumption.

kWh Saved
$ 1
Outages Required

power saver™ – optimize

Save energy by leveraging electricity data from thousands of sensors.

Power Saver™ uses machine-learning techniques to build operating models of your facility’s electric distribution system. It dispatches optimization parameters for energy savings while ensuring reliability within user defined thresholds.

Ready to put your electricity data to work saving energy?

Case History – Glass Manufacturing

$850,000 Saved Each Year.

Crocus Energy is using data from thousands of meters to optimize the electricity consumption at a major glass manufacturing facility.  Without changing behavior or processes, significant savings are being realized.

You can do the same.

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Power Saver™ Makes it Easy.

Lightweight Audits.

Identification of Power Saver™ integration requirements and project scope can take as little as two weeks.

No Retrofits.

Power Saver™ optimizes electrical systems that are already in place, avoiding costly process outages.

Easy Integration.

Power Saver™ integrates with existing SCADA and energy management systems using industry standard protocols.

Find out how your facility can benefit.

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